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Health : Page 180

Lack of sanitation for 2.4 billion people undermining health
Drinking waterJuly 6, 2015 ET
Lack of progress on sanitation threatens to undermine the child survival and health benefits from gains in access to safe drinking water, warn WHO and UNICEF.
Giving children antibiotics alters their development
Children antibioticsJuly 6, 2015 ET
A new study has revealed that repeated courses of antibiotics may profoundly alter the children's development.
Kawasaki disease
KawasakiJuly 4, 2015 ET
Kawasaki disease is an inflammatory disease of blood vessels that most commonly affects infants and young children. The cause is not known, but we do know that first seven to ten days are crucial or things can get really nasty.
Wireless internet is convenient but not healthy for babies
Pregnant with phoneJuly 2, 2015 ET
More than 100 medical doctors, scientists and public health experts from around the world have signed a Joint Statement advising pregnant women to take simple precautions to protect themselves and their babies from wireless radiation.
Legislature in California passes strict school vaccine bill
California vaccinationJuly 1, 2015 ET
California State Senate reaffirmed a bill calling for mandatory vaccination for students at public schools.
Many patients unaware of what the anesthesiologist actually does
AnesthesiologistJune 29, 2015 ET
It is estimated that more than 104 million surgeries involving anesthesia are done in the U.S. each year but when patients undergo surgery, there is an anesthesiologist whose job is a mystery to many of them.
Flexible working hours could help with sleep loss epidemic
Sleep lossJune 29, 2015 ET
It is estimated that around 30% of adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis and sleep los has a number consequences.
Road traffic noise linked to deaths and increased strokes
Traffic noiseJune 25, 2015 ET
Living in an area with noisy road traffic may reduce life expectancy, according to new research published in the European Heart Journal.
57 percent of physicians are willing to see patients over video
Video doctorJune 23, 2015 ET
A nationwide survey of 2,016 primary care doctors conducted by American Well in collaboration with QuantiaMD found that 57 percent of physicians are willing to conduct video visits with their patients.
How to know if you're prediabetic
Type 2 diabetesJune 23, 2015 ET
Before type 2 diabetes develops, there is almost always a period of prediabetes where blood sugar levels are in a "gray area" above normal but below diabetic.
Sleep disturbances are common and influenced by race and ethnicity
Sleep disturbancesJune 22, 2015 ET
A new study suggests that sleep disturbances and undiagnosed sleep apnea are common among middle-aged and older adults in the U.S., and these sleep problems occur more frequently among racial/ethnic minorities.
Cardiovascular diseases cause of death number one in Germany
Cardiovascular diseasesJune 18, 2015 ET
Cardiovascular disorders are the most common cause of death in Germany. Elderly people are particularly affected but the number of sufferers under the age of 50 is rising.