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Exercise may keep your brain 10 years younger
RunningMarch 30, 2016 ET
Older adults who exercise regularly could buy an extra decade of good brain functioning, a new study suggests.
Researchers aim to design a better male contraceptive pill
Contraceptive pillsMarch 29, 2016 ET
Women can choose from a wide selection of birth control methods, including numerous oral contraceptives, but there's never been an analogous pill for men.
Less than 3 percent of Americans live a healthy lifestyle
Healthy lifestyleMarch 29, 2016 ET
Researchers say that 97.3 percent of American adults get a failing grade on healthy lifestyle habits.
Brain scans give clues to stress-heart attack link
Brain scansMarch 29, 2016 ET
A new brain study might help explain why a high level of stress is linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.
The fight against tuberculosis in U.S. has stalled
Tuberculosis U.S.March 26, 2016 ET
Two decades of progress toward eliminating tuberculosis in the United States has stalled, with incidence of the lung disease holding steady from 2013 to 2015, a federal government report shows.
More U.S. women delivering babies at home or birth centers
Home babyMarch 26, 2016 ET
More women in the United States are choosing to deliver their babies at home or in birth centers, a new study indicates.
Angry? Have a short trigger? Maybe you have a cat
CatMarch 25, 2016 ET
Your cat's litter box could be a source of explosive anger -- and not for the obvious reasons.
Show me your moves, I'll tell you what kind of person you are
MovementsMarch 25, 2016 ET
A pioneering new study has revealed how an individual’s movement can give a unique insight into their inherent personality traits.
Assisted living residents still mostly Caucasian but trend shifts
Assisted livingMarch 25, 2016 ET
Caucasian Americans are much more likely than African Americans and Hispanics to consider senior living communities when they and their parents get older, according to
Unisex contraceptive pill comes closer to reality
Contraceptive pillMarch 24, 2016 ET
A contraceptive pill that could be taken by men as well as women could be on the horizon, after a team of scientists has discovered the secret behind the sperm's power kick.
CDC: Psychological disorders affect 1 in 7 U.S. kids under 9
Children problemMarch 24, 2016 ET
One in seven American children aged 2 to 8 suffers from a mental, behavioral or developmental problem, federal health officials report.
U.S. heart disease deaths shifting south
Americans heartMarch 24, 2016 ET
Fewer Americans are dying from heart disease compared with 40 years ago, but not all parts of the country are showing the same downward trend, a new federal government study finds.
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