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Health: Page 178

Fighting bacteria that learns how to resist
MRSAMay 2, 2015 ET
MRSA is one of the words no patient wants to hear: this is an infection resistant to the antibiotics used to treat ordinary infections and the fight against it is hard.
Eye disease, vision loss costs Ontarians $7.3 billion annually
Eye disease OntarioApril 30, 2015 ET
By 2031, the number of Ontarians living with eye disease and vision problems, already in the millions, is expected to double.
Fertility tracking app now available for men
Men fertilityApril 28, 2015 ET
Glow, an app for tracking a woman's reproductive health, has expanded out to tracking the state of male reproductive health as well.
Dietary supplements shown to increase cancer risk if taken in excess
Dietary supplementsApril 27, 2015 ET
Tim Byers, associate director for cancer prevention and control at the CU Cancer Center, described research showing that over-the-counter supplements may increase cancer risk if taken in excess of the recommended daily amount.
Study on 95,000 children confirmed: vaccine doesn't cause autism
Vaccine childrenApril 23, 2015 ET
The vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella doesn't bring an increased risk of autism, according to a new study of more than 95,000 children.
Yanomami have bacteria of all kinds - even against kidney stones
YanomamiApril 20, 2015 ET
In a remote part of the Venezuelan Amazon, scientists have discovered that members of an isolated village have the most diverse colonies of bacteria ever reported living in and on the human body.
NTU scientists discover new treatment for dementia
Ajai Vyas Lim Lee WeiApril 14, 2015 ET
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) scientists have found a new way to treat dementia by sending electrical impulses to specific areas of the brain to enhance the growth of new brain cells.
Silicon chip that detects pathogens in blood developed
Blood testingApril 13, 2015 ET
Scientists from China created a silicon chip built with nanoparticles that can rapidly detect any of the different forms of pathogens in anyone's blood samples.
China bans online medical diagnoses
Online doctorsApril 13, 2015 ET
Hospitals offering medical advice online should not provide diagnoses via these services, ruled China's health regulator.
Austrian doctors call for increased hepatitis vaccinations
HepatitisApril 10, 2015 ET
Austrian experts have called for increased vaccinations for hepatitis A and B with 40 percent of the Austrian population being inadequately vaccinated.
California to ban personal beliefs to avoid vaccination
California vaccinationApril 9, 2015 ET
California lawmakers pushed forward a bill that would ban parents from citing their personal beliefs as a reason to let their school children remain unvaccinated.
Herbicides raise resistance to medical antibiotics
DoctorApril 9, 2015 ET
Commonly used herbicides can increase bacteria resistance to antibiotics, according to a New Zealand-led study.
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