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Health: Page 176

U.S. birth rate at an all-time low
U.S. birth rateFriday January 16, 2015 5:38AM ET
The U.S. birth rate remained at an all-time low in 2013, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.
Vasectomy reversal outcomes up with same partner as before
VasectomyThursday January 15, 2015 7:10AM ET
Fertility outcomes are improved for men who undergo vasectomy reversal and have the same female partner as before vasectomy, according to a study published in the January issue of The Journal of Urology.
Drug dramatically reduces diabetes symptoms in mice
Diabetes miceTuesday January 13, 2015 3:38AM ET
Can diabetes be prevented and even reversed? Yes, it can, at least in genetically obese mice, according to a study by led by researchers Bruce Hammock at the University of California, Davis, and Joan ClĂ ria at the University of Barcelona.
Little change seen in fast food between 1996 and 2013
Fast foodMonday January 12, 2015 11:26AM ET
Two new reports from researchers at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University shows little change in fast food portion sizes and product formulation between 1996 and 2013.
Diagnosis in children
Diagnosis in childrenSaturday January 10, 2015 3:41AM ET
When diagnosing health conditions in children, it can be easy to overlook some symptoms and come up with a completely wrong diagnosis. There are several reasons for that but we can prevent that with a careful examination.
Researchers take 'first baby step' toward anti-aging drug
AgingFriday January 9, 2015 6:00AM ET
Researchers could be closing in on a "fountain of youth" drug that can delay the effects of aging and improve the health of older adults, a new study suggests.
Newborn babies in UK now screened for more rare conditions
Newborn babies UKMonday January 5, 2015 6:40AM ET
Every baby born in England from January 5 will be offered screening for four additional rare conditions to prevent premature disability and death.
Bad luck is the cause of cancer, not genes or smoking
CancerSaturday January 3, 2015 4:17AM ET
Bad luck plays a major role in determining who gets cancer and who does not, according to researchers who found that 65 percent of cancer incidence of various types can be blamed on random mutations and not heredity or risky habits like smoking.
Superbugs to kill more than cancer by 2050
SuperbugsFriday January 2, 2015 4:50AM ET
Infections that are resistant to anti-bacterial drugs will cause 10 million new deaths every year by 2050, warns a report from the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).
Complications after thigh lift surgery are common
Thigh lift surgeryWednesday December 31, 2014 1:52AM ET
Performed as part of body contouring procedures in patients with massive weight loss, a procedure called medial thigh lift carries a substantial risk of complications, reports a new study.
Unhealthy lifestyle behind more than 4 in 10 cancers
Healthy lifestyleMonday December 29, 2014 3:42AM ET
More than 40% of cancers could be prevented by changes to lifestyle, experts say. Nearly 600,000 cancer cases in the UK alone could have been avoided in the last five years if people had healthier lifestyles, according to the results of a new study.
New FDA recommendations to ease blood donation rules for gay men
Blood donationSaturday December 27, 2014 5:27AM ET
The Food and Drug Administration recommended a change in the policy that effectively prohibited men who have sex with men from donating blood for life.
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