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One symptom, thousands of reasons. Headache

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Bernice Clark |
headacheHeadache is on physician's list of 20 most common complains in the United States. The number of Americans that suffer from chronic headache that comes back regularly is huge.

Some data show that number of Americans which suffer of chronic headache is bigger than number of patients with diabetes, asthma or coronary diseases - all that taken together.

headacheSome headaches are connected to whether changes. Lots of people are weather sensitive; they can feel cyclone and anticyclone, especially low air pressure - even day or two before the best whether reporter. Weather changes can also cause change of mood, irritability or depression. Some specific food or personal habits, such as irregular eating or long working day without meal, often is cause for headache. People on diet can have unexplainable headache attack.

Alcohol drinking is the next reason for headache, and so is smoking. Nicotine causes compression of blood vessels that supplies the brain with oxygen. Headache can also be a following symptom of problems with organs in head, like eyes. Maybe you need to have your vision checked, maybe you need a new glasses or lenses. Some degenerative and inflammation illnesses like the high eyes pressure can cause headache.

headacheThe pain that appears in face area can be caused by gums or teeth problems, or by some neurological problems caused by nerve irritation. Head pain can be caused by health problems with ears, throat or nose (a sinus inflammation is an example). Problems with brain circulation are often the cause of headache. It can be connected to spinal degenerative changes. The first sign of a brain attack and aneurysm is sudden headache. But when sudden headache appears, it is followed by other symptoms. High and low blood pressure can also be one of the reasons for a headache. Stress is an old friend of headache; in that case the pain appears as a result of tension in muscles.

Migraine is non-stopping pulsing pain at half of the head. It appears periodically and lasts for a few hours or few days. Migraine can be fallowed by nausea and vomiting. Aura can appear before migraine starts. If aura appears without a headache - you must contact your neurologist.

Brain tumor can be one of the reasons of headache. Headache caused by a tumor is pulsating or "burning" and increases progressively. It is expressed mostly early in the morning, but it can appear at night, too. It increases when body is active what in turn increases pressure inside of the brainpan. The examples are physical work, cough, sneezing, problems with stools, and sexual intercourse. For brain tumor, along with a headache, a characteristic signs are vomiting, changes in eyes background, and change of personality.

headacheThere are virtually a thousand reasons for a headache. Most of them will pass away spontaneously, sometimes without therapy. Pain in the head is the result of organic disorder in 90 percent of the cases. Most common reasons are psychosomatic disorders caused by, for example, too little sleep, problems at work, home, school; by fear, panic, coldness...

Signs that mean the you must visit your neurologist are: The worst headache you have ever experienced; sudden and burning pain; lack of coordination; double vision; problem with speaking; weakness on one side of the body; fever; stiff neck; pain in muscles or joints; loss of eyesight or pain in jaw while chewing; when along with headache appears frequent vomiting or convulsions; when one has cancer, HIV, AIDS or other serious health condition and new headache appears.

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