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Nicaragua's surgeons to carry out free orthopedic surgeries

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 13, 2019
Nicaraguan health authorities are reportedly working to have a national day of orthopedic surgeries, which will be mainly focused on children suffering from spinal disorders.
Alaa Azmi Ahmad
LatAm   Alaa Azmi Ahmad
On the occasion of an understanding memorandum signed between the governments of Palestine and Nicaragua to strengthen health services, Dr. Alaa Azmi Ahmad, a scoliosis expert, gave a lecture to orthopedists, surgeons and pediatricians for future surgical interventions.

The specialist´s presence is the first step of a preparation process aimed at Nicaraguan doctors; the following action is the day of surgeries to children with scoliosis problems, lateral deviation of the spine that most often affects girls, according to specialists.

In Nicaragua, reconstructive surgery of this kind has a high cost, for example an implant has an estimated value of 15,000 dollars; However, with the process that starts in the country, the procedures will be completely free, highlighted the specialist.