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New serious heart problems discovered after coronavirus

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 28, 2020
More than three quarters of recently recovered coronavirus patients had heart muscle problems show up during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, German doctors reported on Monday in JAMA Cardiology.
Valentina Puntmann
Dr.   Valentina Puntmann
In some patients, the heart may be "in serious trouble as a part of COVID-19 disease," Dr. Valentina Puntmann of University Hospital Frankfurt told Reuters.

Among 100 patients a considerable majority had inflammation in the heart muscle and lining.

Half of the former patients were more than two months out since their diagnosis at the time of the MRI.

71 had blood markers of heart muscle damage.

Compared with similar people who had not had COVID-19, the recently recovered patients' hearts pumped more weakly and displayed other risk factors for heart failure.

Puntmann suspects the abnormalities are signs of permanent problems.

"While we do not have direct evidence for late consequences yet, such as the development of heart failure ... it is quite possible that in a few years, this burden will be enormous based on what we have learned from other viral conditions that similarly affect the heart," she said.