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Kidney stones: Types and diets POST Online Media

Kidney stones: Types and diets

Bernice Clark | Thursday January 31, 2008 5:02AM ET
kidney stone types dietsAlong with the diet and drugs, the best defence against kidney stones is drinking lot of water. Water dilutes urine, but it doesn't help in all cases of kidney stones.

Like we said last week, lots of factors are included in stones creation and their recognition is very important in treatment and prevention.

kidney stone types dietsLet's remember the most important ones. They are urine blocking, repeated infections, and anomaly of a ureter or urethra. Some general factors of metabolic nature, for example, the way your organism creates stones, quantity of salt in urine, calcium quantity in urine and some another factor related with salt.

Some diuretics on calcium base can higher risk of stones creation by increasing amount of calcium in your urine. Then, hormonal factors as hyperthyroidism, primary hyperparathyroidism, hypervitaminosis (vitamin D), or Paget's disease, also has a role in stones creation. The way you eat (maybe you don't make a favour to your organism by eating the "wrong" food), climate conditions, urine PH and urination of concentrated urine are contributing factors, too.

Two most important factors in creation of kidney stones are urinary stagnation and infection. Frequent urination delays may cause kidney damage. After first attack doctor must examine the patient, make laboratory tests, check the urine, make abdominal RTG, kidney and ureter ultrasound and a tests that shows exactly the stones size, shape and its position. After your doctor gets all the results and prescribe you a medicaments, he will advice you what to eat depending of your stone composing.

The best defence against kidney stones is drinking lot of water. Water dilutes urine, but it doesn't help the patients that have phosphate and carbonate kidney stones.

kidney stone types dietsThe patients with phosphate and carbonate stones must drink less water - the more a patient drinks, the more those stones grow. Phosphate and carbonate stones appears in alkali urine. This diet include lot of fish, meat, fat and butter. Eggs, fruits and vegetables must be avoided. With patients who's have higher grade of calcium in its urine, diet forbids milk, cheese, milk products.

Patients who have the oxalate stones are among luckiest ones because this kind of stones rarely appear again. To patients who have too much calcium or oxalate in urine doctor will recommend food that contains less calcium and oxalate. Oxalates are one kind of salt in human urine. Diet includes less of apples, beer, asparagus, cheese, chocolate, cacao, cafe, figs, grapes, ice-cream, milk, orange, peanut butter, pineapple, tea, yoghurt, vitamin C. To those patients doctors will also suggest to eat less spinach, carrots, tomatoes, green beans and broccoli.

Patient that has tendency to produced oxalate stone must consult his doctor for the diet because of the long list of food that is not recommended. In most of the cases that food can be eat in a limited amount, so the best way "not to fight" and be lost in the food list is to consult with a doctor. Because part of oxalate comes from endogenous metabolism, those patients must examine liver, gall tracts and other digestion tract and treat that illnesses.

kidney stone types dietsThe ureter stones are affected by acidity of patients urine. Diet forbids all bowels, black cafe, Chinese tea, alcohol, cacao, chocolate and black bred. On the other side, diet recommends milk, milk production, pasta, fruit, vegetables, potato and lot of mineral water.

Diet for cystic stones recommends drinking mineral water in huge amounts to reduce cystine (another kind of salt) which enters urine. That request can sound like "mission impossible" because patients should drink around 4 litres of water, one third of that during the night. Diet also restricts proteins in foods on the smallest level, but only temporarily and for a short time.