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Keep your blood pressure under pressure

Bernice Clark ▼ | October 4, 2007
Around 50 million Americans, and that is almost the population of United Kingdom, have high blood pressure. This is approximately every fourth person.
high blodd pressure
high blodd pressureAround 50 million Americans, and that is almost the population of United Kingdom, have high blood pressure. This is approximately every fourth person.

Many people don't know that they have high blood pressure because main symptoms don't appear until sickness become serious. 70 percent of patients are aware of their condition, but only 34 percent of them have the illness under control. This is not promising data. But the fact is: That picture shouldn't be like that. It is easy to diagnose high blood pressure and when compared to other heart and cardio-vascular diseases it is the easiest to treat.

high blodd pressureNormal blood pressure is 120/80Hg or 130/80Hg where first number represents value of pressure in blood vessels (systolic pressure) and second number represent value of heart pressure (diastolic pressure). Why is so important to have normal blood pressure? Because of blood pressure blood circulated in blood vessels and that is important for good organ functioning. That way all organs are equipped with oxygen and food.

If you don't treat it, high blood pressure can cause serious problems like brain attack, heart attack, cardiac and kidney failure, blindness and dementia. If you feel dizziness or buzz in your ears, those are symptoms that may point to problem with your blood pressure. Blood pressure normally rises and falls during 24 hours. If you want to check your pressure the best time is when you are calm and out of stress situation. If you are climbing up the stairs, wait a few minutes to calm down and then check your pressure.

Low blood pressure is usually inherent condition and its values are 110/60Hg. If you have it you can live normally with regular controls at your physician. The only danger of low blood pressure comes from fusion of first and second values and it is very important that difference between those two values is 40 at minimum. If you feel that your low blood pressure is falling, you can help yourself by drinking water or eating something salted (soup, salted sticks...).

High blood pressure is a serious illness. When talking about high blood pressure we talking about values of 140/90Hg and higher. If you have high blood pressure you must be under constant physician check up. Fatness is one of the major problems that cause high blood pressure. Statistic data said that 75 percent peoples with high blood pressure are fat. But, like pressure rise with fatness it usually fall with loosing the weight. Physician said that loosing of just 4-5 kilograms affects pressure.

If you are overweight, loosing just 10 percent of your weight will help. You will lower cholesterol and you'll live more quality life with decreased risk of heart and brain attack, diabetes and arthritis. That's why nutrition changes and body activity is a good way to lower pressure. What you eat is also important.

high blodd pressureSome years ago physicians advised patients with high blood pressure to avoid the salt. Today we know that salt is not forbidden, but it must be consumed in small amount. Alcohol and smoking are forbidden. Every high-blooded person must take drugs regularly. But, drugs for high-pressure cause enhanced urinate which provoke the loss of potassium.

Simple way for compensating that loss is one banana or tomato salad a day. If you use birth control pills it may increase blood pressure, so have your blood pressure checked at regular basis.

Take your drugs regularly and don't change the dose by yourself. As you should talk to your physician about nutrition, you should also talk about other drugs you use. Interaction between drugs, including those ones on a herbal base, may cancel their effects.