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Japanese doctor warns of 'locomotive syndrome' among children due to lack of exercise

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 22, 2020
Due to increased time spent at home amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, there are concerns about the deterioration of motor functions to support and move the body among children.
Japanese children
Locomotive   Japanese children
The condition is called "locomotive syndrome," and is said to occur, for example, when people do not get enough exercise because they are spending too much time on their smartphones or playing video games.

It can lead to injuries and other damage, and if left unresolved, there is a danger of patients easily breaking their bones or becoming bedridden in the future.

Locomotive syndrome is a disease where the motor functions of bones, joints, muscles and other body parts, which a person needs to move, deteriorate.

The effects of the prolonged school closures are also a concern.

Of the roughly 800 elementary, junior high and high school students who responded, 45% said their "physical strength deteriorated," 31% said they "get tired easily" and 27% said their "body hurts."