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How to avoid diabetes

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Bernice Clark ▼ | October 18, 2007
how to avoid diabetesBefore we start with this topic I must say few things. Harris Interactive's research shows that 160 millions Americans look for health answers on the internet.

And this is very good way to inform if you have some doubts about your problems. However, the best and I must say, the only proper way to find out what problems do you really have is to visit you physician. Why I say that? Because, diabetes is not treatable, can start without visible symptoms, it can takes 8 years before the first symptoms appear and when you have it, you have it for life. And finally, it is a very expensive illness.

how to avoid diabetesLast time we said that level of sugar in blood varies over time, and that's normal for healthy person. Diabetes type I is a very serious condition and non-preventable. It turns up very quickly with characteristically symptoms like increased thirst and frequent urination, fating or weight loss despite increased appetite. These patients need to take daily dose of insulin because their body produces too small amount of insulin, or no insulin at all.

On the other hand, today we know that diabetes type II we can prevent. What can you do? For the start considers do you have some of the symptoms we count. If you are overweight, if you have height blood pressure, older than 30, and under constant stress, you are in a risk group. Do have in mind that symptoms of diabetes type II don't appear for a long time. Thus, after reading this article, or any other article, arrange appointment with your physician and tell him that you have some doubt about your sugar level. Be prepared for simply test using blood from the finger, which is not painful at all.

Before you go to blood testing don't eat or drink anything because the blood results can be wrong. If your blood test shows good level of sugar, now is the time for question: How I can avoid diabetes?

how to avoid diabetesI think that you know the answer because it is very simple: you can avoid it with exercising and every day activities like gardening, house keeping, walking, eating the proper way and avoiding the stress. Stress triggers many chemical reactions in your body and if those reactions persist over the long period they can cause a whole range of health problems.

We already wrote about healthy eating which is important especially if you are fat. Start a day with a breakfast, try to eat lunch at the same time every day, and be careful with how much you eat. Old adage said: Eat breakfast like king, lunch like a common person and supper like a poor man. Take care to take at least 8 glasses of water. Avoid eating between meals.

If you can't resist the hunger go out and walk for a 15 minutes or find something to do in the home that will occupy you for a while. Make a resolution about exercise. If you decide that you will walk 10 minutes every day, do it. If you decide that you will run 5 minutes, or climb up to the stairs to second floor, OK, do it, but do it every day.

how to avoid diabetesAll that "little" things can save you from diabetes. And, finally, I said that diabetes is an expensive condition. For good controlling the blood sugar if you get diabetes you will need: glucose monitors, test strips, and lancets. In numbers: about $1,700 per year for conventional care, $5,800 per year for an insulin pump, $4,000 per year for multiple daily injections. Intensive management costs 2 to 3 times as much as conventional care, and special nutrition will cost you much more than the regular one.

Add to to that the cost of chiropodist, dentist, and oculist, than include complications with some other body organs... All that said, few minutes of running don't look so difficult.

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