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Ethiopia’s capital launches door-to-door coronavirus screening

Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 12, 2020
Addis Ababa is due to begin a door-to-door mass coronavirus screening across the city, Addis Ababa city administration has announced.
Takele Uma
City deputy Mayor   Takele Uma
City deputy Mayor, Takele Uma, on Saturday told local journalists that the mass screening and testing programme will be started Monday first in districts which are identified as potentially most vulnerable to the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus.

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The aggressive city-wide screening measure intends to identify Covid-19 infected patients and thereby to arrest a potential virus spread within communities.

He said, the mass screening will eventually be carried out in all 117 districts, locally known as woredas, of the city, which is home to an estimated 7 million inhabitants.

According to the Mayor, the door-to-door mass Covid-19 screening will be conducted by more than 1,200 retired health professionals, who responded to government’s call on the retired to join the national fight against the coronavirus pandemic.