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Dutch GPs to test patients with flu symptoms for Wuhan coronavirus

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 10, 2020
Forty GP practices in the Netherlands will from now on also test people who come in with flu symptoms for the presence of Wuhan coronavirus, health institutions Nivel and RIVM announced today.
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The coronavirus tests will be done at monitoring stations throughout the Netherlands that already test for flu, reports.

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The coronavirus tests are just a precautionary measure with which the health institutes want to monitor whether the virus is circulating in the Netherlands, though there are no specific concerns that it is.

"It is important to start monitoring the new coronavirus before the virus actually circulates in the Netherlands,' Nivel said.

"As long as there is no outbreak, it is unlikely that the virus will be found."

If someone is diagnosed with the virus, the doctor will inform municipal health service GGD.

In that case, the health authorities can take measures faster to prevent it spreading.