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Doctor in Italy: Wuhan coronavirus spreads in very strange way

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 25, 2020
Coronavirus cases in Venice have nothing to do with each other, says a Venice doctor.
Wuhan coronavirus Italy
Health in Italy   Wuhan coronavirus apparently chooses whom to attack
"A fourth person in the Venice region who is infected with the virus is in a hospital in Padua. These three cases in Venice have nothing to do with each other. Those are people who have never met, never socialized and live in different parts of Venice," says Dr. Tea Burmaz, a doctor from Split, Croatia, who has been working at a hospital in northern Italy for 30 years, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

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"Even more surprising is the fact that none of their household members, with whom they are in daily contact, are positive for the PCR test, that is, they are not infected with the coronavirus," says Dr. Burmaz.

"At the same time, one of the patients infected a hospital cleaner who went into his hospital room to clean it, so she just walked past by the patient and was not in direct contact with him. And that same the patient did not infect any of his household while lying sick at home before entering the hospital.

"This development is surprising because the question now is how the virus spreads and by what criteria it attacks because the members of the infected family are not positive for the infection.

"This is best seen, for example, in these three elderly patients from Venice who are now in intensive care unit. They had been in the hospital for ten days and no one had a PCR test because no one thought that they could be infected, given that due to their old age and the fact that they did not leave the home, they did not have any major social contacts.

"During this time, while lying in the hospital, they could infect anyone in contact with them. Thus, a doctor, a nurse and a cleaning lady tested positive for PCR, but they did not get sick," says Dr. Burmaz.