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Diagnosis: Cancer

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Bernice Clark ▼ | October 12, 2012
Diagnosing cancerAfter first emotions are settled down, you maybe learned that cancer runs in your family. You learned that your neighbour with the same diagnosis died recently, and your friend's friend with poor diagnosis survived.

You learned that there are patients who managed to beat cancer without medically reasonable explanations. What you actually learned is - we all are unique. Exspect changes to your normality but have in mind that diagnosis cancer is not always a death sentence.

Ask for a second opinion. All doctors are good, just some are better than others. When a doctor gets seriously ill, he/she asks for an opinion the best doctor in the field to help him determine the best way to treat a specific disease. Do the same, ask for a second opinion and find the best doctor for your type of cancer. It takes several weeks to get a second opinion but the delay in starting treatment doesn't make a big difference and treatment less effective. If you've been told that you need treatment right away, obey your doctor's orders.

What make us alive? We are not alive because our heart is beating and our lungs are breathing for us. We are alive because we eat and drink.

Visit a registered dietician. Malignant tumors are acidic and the goal is to lower the acidity of the body. In the other hand some forms of tumor loves alkaline environment. The most important step that patient can take during cancer treatment is to follow adequate nutrition. As the doctor could change cancer treatment plan over time, that's how dietician will make some changes in your diet.

In general, there are four stages of cancer. Stage 1 means that cancer is localized to one part of the body. Stage 2 means that cancer is locally advanced. Stage 3 usually means the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. Stage 4, a metastatic cancer, means that cancer has spread from where it has started to other organs or throughout the body. The stage of a cancer does not change over time, even if the cancer progresses.

Treatment plans include surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy (there are more than 50 chemotherapy drugs) and hormone therapy. Some patients may respond best to a combination of treatments. Based on the stage of cancer, age and your general health, the doctor will tailor a treatment plan for you. But, you know how life often works. Often to solve a big problem we must create even a bigger one and then we hear a plumber saying: "To fix the leaking plumb I have to bring the wall down."

In our case, cancer and its treatment can weaken the immune system causing side effects ranging from fatigue to damage of vital organs. In the last case additional drugs are given to fix or to take under control the newly created problem. In such situations, cancer is not the only problem the patient must fight.

Exercise, walk, practice yoga, meditate. Most cancers cannot exist well in an oxygen-rich environment and every form of exercising increases the level of oxygen in the blood. Exercising also keeps your energy level up while yoga and meditation use concentration to relax the body and calm the mind.

Make acupuncture appointment. It is effective for pain control and it significantly reduces nausea and vomiting.

Join a support group. Many support groups can enhance quality of life but may vary in quality. If your group stirs up too many uncomfortable feelings don't feel guilty to leave it and join the one that makes you feel more comfortable.

Cancer, smoking and alcohol don't go hand in hand - quit. If you read that some supplements and vitamins may help, don't take them on your own. Some supplements may interfere with your cancer treatment as well as some vitamins.

Now, when all is said and done, remember the words from the beginning: cancer must not be a death sentence, it's just that sometimes God has to break us to make us. But it's just a bend, it's not the end. Think about multiple cancer survivors and let they be your strength.

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