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British doctors trial simple operation that cures or controls diabetes

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Staff Writer | June 28, 2017
A simple gut operation that sees a plastic film inserted into the stomach could cure or control diabetes, British doctors have found.
Diabetes surgery
Discovery   Diabetes had disappeared or become much milder
Patients taking part in trials at King's College Hospital and University College Hospital in London and City Hospital in Birmingham found their diabetes had disappeared or become much milder after the operations.

Francesco Rubino, professor of metabolic surgery at King's, told The Sunday Times: "About 50 percent of patients are diabetes-free after these procedures.

"The remaining people demonstrate big improvements of blood sugar control and can drastically reduce their dependence on insulin or other medication.

"In many patients, blood sugar levels go back to normal within days, long before declines in fat levels or weight."

The treatments stem from a new view of the causes of diabetes, a condition in which there is too much glucose in the blood.

Diabetes has previously been blamed on the pancreas not secreting enough insulin, the hormone that controls glucose levels - but Rubino and his colleagues believe the gut is the key player.