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Brazil death toll from influenza A climbs 41% in one week

Staff writer ▼ | May 14, 2016
The death toll in Brazil this year from influenza A had surged to 411 by April 30, a leap of 41 percent over what it had been just the week before, according to a Health Ministry bulletin.
Brazil influenza
Heath in LatAm   According to the Health Ministry:
In two weeks it increased by 78.69 percent over the 230 deaths from influenza A registered up to April 16, and in one month rose by 168 percent over the 153 fatalities registered up to April 2, according to the latest bulletin on type A flu, which is transmitted by the H1N1 virus.

The rapidly spreading illness forced the government 10 days ago to launch an intense vaccination campaign nationwide, while some states had to start their campaigns earlier to deal with all the Brazilians lining up to be vaccinated.

According to the latest Health Ministry bulletin, the number of cases of acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS, caused by the H1N1 virus, is gradually increasing, from 686 up to April 2, to 1,365 by April 16 and 2,085 by April 30.

The figures are significantly higher than in all of 2015, when Brazil registered 141 cases of infection by the H1N1 virus and 36 deaths from complications caused by that virus.

Sao Paulo, the most heavily populated state in Brazil, has been hit hardest by the type A flu, with 202 deaths, almost half of all the fatalities registered nationwide.

Last April 30 the government launched a national vaccination campaign aiming to vaccinate close to 49.8 million people, chiefly children, seniors, healthcare professionals, carriers of chronic illnesses, pregnant women and Indians.

Combating the H1N1 virus is now a particular priority for Brazil, along with the fight against Zika, dengue and Chikungunya, viruses transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, as the country prepares to host the Olympic Games next August in Rio de Janeiro.