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Between Feng Shui and Jack Welch

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Bernice Clark |
feng shui jack welch"Feng Shui is so stupid. I don't understand how people can truly believe that moving a plant from one side of the room to the other will improve their life in any way. Your wife didn't leave you because your bed was facing the wrong cardinal direction. She left you because you're a jackass." Well, this is just one view of those who are afraid or are too skeptical to try something different.

People on the West think in black and white, good or bad terms. In our civilization there are differences, separations and disconnections. Chinese people, on contrary, like some things that circulate and arise one from another. Statistic says that Chinese that stick to ancient way of life are still healthier people than those of western countries.

Some people are hard on changes, while some are more flexible. I always keep in mind the saying: "If you are unhappy or don't know what to do, just change something". It will divert your mind for some time from a problem. It's very hard to work under a pressure. Allow yourself a little bit different way that may improve your work, life and health. Studies and polls support that: The change is what makes people really happy.

feng shui jack welchIn ancient China people said: "If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation, too. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in world." You need that kind of peace in your home and between your employees. Just recall Google.

Thousands and thousands requests a year for a job at Google speak for themselves. Excellent creative environment, lots of additional subjects like gym, basketball, kindergarten, and restaurants with different food, flexible working-hours and numerous other options.

Where is Feng Shui here, you are asking. Well, it's not about Feng Shui, it's about how someone, in this case Google, finds the way to make workers happy. Happy workers equals less money for health care equals happy company. But, let's back to Feng Shui. Google found an effective way how to deal with its employees; strong hand and lot of regulations are some different approach.

How that affects you? Headache, migraine, high blood pressure, problems with hearth, insomnia... All that can lead to a range of serious illness. And when you come home, your temper is the same, you feel disinclination and you can't concentrate on family problems. Your family is not happy because of that and you feel exhausted. Nobody wins. Let's face it - you are not Jack Welch.

And the point is not to try to be Jack whatever the cost. The points it to make your employees happier which in turn makes you happier and healthier. There is no need for radical changes or tumbling everything upside down.

The small but frequent changes are what every one of us needs. Be it a new sail for your yacht or a new flower for your subordinate, it doesn't matter. Should you follow the Feng Shui rules or those of Jack Welch, be sure that something is happening, something that will bring relaxation and good mood to your working environment.

With this text we are opening the season of health articles. Be gentle to yourself and take it easy!

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