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39% of women in Britain have no clue about breast cancer symptoms

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Staff writer ▼ | November 19, 2015
Almost all women in Britain know that earlier detection of symptoms helps in treating the killer disease, breast cancer. However, many of them are not aware of the exact symptoms, a survey conducted by Charity Breast Cancer Care revealed.
Breast Cancer
Survey   Charity Breast Cancer Care revealed:
Breast cancer remains the most common cancer in the U.K and more than 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in this country.

Though the survey sample size was only 1100, the data was shocking, as 39 percent women are not aware of the prominent symptoms such as redness and rash. 28 percent of the women have not realized that inverted nipple is a sign of cancer.

Nipple discharge is a major sign to check for cancer, but 23 percent of women participated in the survey had no clue about it. 96 percent of the survey participants are aware that lump might be a signal to the deadly disease.

Doctors recommend a proper self-check at an interval of four to six weeks But in Britain, many rely on three-yearly mammogram checkup.