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Wage growth in Romania growing double-digit year after year

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 8, 2019
2019 to be the fourth consecutive year of double-digit wage growth in Romania.
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Given that 21.3% of the country's working-age population has moved abroad, public sector policies targeting the redistribution of national income from capital to labour and the absence of structural reforms to improve workforce participation has led to a significant tightening of the labour market.

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Wages in the private sector rose by 15.0% year on year in August versus 15.7% previously, while in the public sector, wage growth slowed down to 11.0% YoY from 13.1% in July.

Net salaries in construction continued to post huge growth rates of 48.5% YoY due to fiscal facilities. Manufacturing wages are increasing at a constant speed of 12.7%, driven mainly by minimum wage hikes, as employment growth in the sector has been shrinking in annual terms for the last twelve consecutive months.