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Operating conditions deteriorate in Kazakhstan

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 31, 2020
The headline Kazakhstan Manufacturing PMI is a composite single-figure measure of manufacturing performance.
Kazakhstan street
Economy in Kazakhstan   Any figure greater than 50.0 indicates overall improvement in the sector
It is derived from indicators for new orders, output, employment, suppliers’ delivery times and stocks of purchases.

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Any figure greater than 50.0 indicates overall improvement in the sector.

The latest headline PMI posted at 48.2 in December, down from 49.9 in November, to signal a deterioration in the health of the Kazakh manufacturing sector for the second month running.

The rate of contraction quickened to the joint-fastest in the tenmonth series history, despite being only modest overall.

Partly driving the downturn in December was a further fall in output across the Kazakh manufacturing sector, thereby extending the current sequence of contraction to two months.

Survey respondents associated the reduction with weak client demand amid a fall in purchasing power among customers.

Moreover, the rate of decline was solid and the fastest since data collection began in March 2019.

December data also indicated a reduction in new business placed at manufacturing firms in Kazakhstan for the first time since last July.

Panellists linked the fall to weak client demand and increased competition.

The rate of decline was moderate overall.