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Netherlands: Wholesale trade earns 40 billion euros from exports

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 27, 2019
In 2017, Dutch wholesale trade generated over 40 billion euros in value added due to exports of goods and services.
Europe   Wholesale trade is particularly important
This is equivalent to 16.5 percent of the total export earnings in the Netherlands.

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Wholesale trade is particularly important as a link in the supply chains of manufacturing exporters.

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this today in the new Internationalisation Monitor, which explores the role of wholesale trade in international trade in depth for the first time.

In 2017, the Netherlands’ net earnings from the export of goods and services amounted to approximately 242.9 billion euros, of which 40.1 billion ended up in wholesale trade.

With 17.6 billion euros in value added, re-exports are the most important form of exports from which wholesalers are earning.

In re-exports, goods are imported which leave the country again in (virtually) the same unprocessed state.

More than half of the value added of Dutch re-exports settles down in wholesale trade.

Dutch-manufactured exports generate 17.4 billion euros in wholesale trade, while 5.2 billion euros is earned from the export of services.

Wholesale trade occupies considerably smaller shares in Dutch-manufactured exports and service exports at 15 percent and over 5 percent, respectively.

The bulk of export revenues in wholesale trade is generated through the exports of other industries.

For example, wholesale trade supplies raw materials or logistical services which enable other industries to export.

In this way, wholesalers earn indirectly from the export of goods and services.

In 2017, wholesale trade generated 25 billion euros in such indirect exports.

The bulk of this value added are margins which are earned by wholesale companies in their role as export intermediaries as well as through their involvement in the exports of other supply companies.

Wholesale trade mainly contributes to the exports of manufacturing companies.

In 2017, wholesale trade added a value of 6.5 billion euros to the exports of manufacturers.