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Iran's economic growth hits record high

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Staff Writer | April 6, 2017
Economic Analyst and lecturer at Shahid Beheshti university Saeed Leilaz said on Wednesday that Iran’s economic growth registered a 11.6 percent growth in the first nine month in the last Iranian year.
Iran oil field
Iran   The development in the oil field
It is registering over eight percent growth in one year standing on top of the list of world economic powers in terms of annual economic growth.

Speaking to IRNA, he described the performance of the economic team of the 11th government as positive and ruled out negative points targetting the government.

Propaganda campaign is not something new and after taking the office of the 11th government, the right wing (moderate) focused on it and that is only because of good performance of President Rouhani’s government, he said.

In economy, indicators of economic growth regarded as the main criterion in the assessment, he said.

President Rouhani said that the most significant aspect of President Rouhani’s government is revival of Iran’s economic growth which started from minus seven and exceeded eight percent in last Iranian year.

Referring to the development in the oil field in the 11th government, he said these developments were beyond expectations of domestic and foreign experts in a way that in less than six months, production of the crude oil revitalized.

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