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Industrial producer prices up by 0.8% in euro area

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Staff Writer | December 3, 2016
In October 2016, compared with September 2016, industrial producer prices rose by 0.8% in the euro area (EA19) and by 1.0% in the EU28, according to Eurostat.
Industrial producer prices
Europe   Increase in industrial producer prices
In September 2016 prices increased by 0.1% in both zones. In October 2016, compared with October 2015, industrial producer prices fell by 0.4% in the euro area, while it rose by 0.2% in the EU28.

The 0.8% increase in industrial producer prices in total industry in the euro area in October 2016, compared with September 2016, is due to rises of 2.6% in the energy sector, of 0.3% for non-durable consumer goods and of 0.1% for both intermediate goods and durable consumer goods, while prices remained stable for capital goods.

Prices in total industry excluding energy rose by 0.1%.