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Indonesia posts 0.27 percent inflation in November

Staff Writer | December 4, 2018
Indonesia posted an inflation rate of 0.27 percent throughout November, mostly contributed by transportation, telecommunication and financial service sectors, a senior official at Indonesia statistics office said here on Monday.
Indonesia street
Asia   Increasing flight ticket prices ahead of holidays has contributed 0.05 percent
The November figure was a bit lower than 0.28 percent recorded a month earlier, higher than 0.18 percent figured by the central bank Bank Indonesia (BI) from its survey results, Indonesia's Central Statistics Bureau (BPS) Chief Suhariyanto said.

He added that latest inflation figure in November has made year-to-date and year-on-year inflations stood at 2.50 and 3.23 percent respectively.

He said increasing flight ticket prices ahead of holiday season has contributed 0.05 percent to the inflation, while government's policy to slightly hike price of fuel and increasing internet tariffs contributed 0.02 and 0.01 percent respectively to the overall November inflation figure.

He added that no significant contribution was seen from food sector as government has correctly anticipate possible swell of food price ahead of yearend holiday.

"Government has anticipated possible food price volatilities from situation in the previous years, making it has better preparation in dealing with it," he said in his office.

Praising the low inflation in November, Indonesia Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said the year-on-year inflation was still lower than assumption set in the state budget at 3.5 percent.

"If the inflation was still below the range set in the state budget we consider it good," she said here later in the day.

She said the controllable inflation rate shows Indonesia's strong resilience amid the ensuing pressures from global economic downturn at present.

"It shows that Indonesia has good track records in preserving stability of prices. We have recorded around 3 percent inflation in the last 4 years amid volatilities in oil price commodity and exchange rate value," she pointed out.