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French business climate and employment climate down steeply in March

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 30, 2020
In March 2020, the business climate in France has fallen strongly.
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At 95, the composite indicator, compiled from the answers of business managers in the main market sectors, has lost ten points and has experienced its biggest drop since the start of the series (1980).

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The former biggest drop was in October 2008, with a fall of nine points.

Compared to February, the business climates has deteriorated very strongly in services (-14 points) and in retail trade (-13 points).

The business climate in manufacturing has lost three points, while the one in building construction is stable at a high level.

The business climate in wholesale trade, bimonthly, has lost five points compared to January.

In March 2020, the employment climate has lost nine points, its biggest fall since the beginning of the series (1991).

The former biggest decrease was in November 2008, with a decline of eight points.

At 96, the employment climate has moved clearly below its long term average.

Compared to its first estimate in February 2020, the composite business climate indicator in building construction has been revised upward by one point.Conversely, the composite climate indicators in services and in manufacturing have been revised downward by one point.

These revisions result mainly from the integration of late responses from companies.

The other climate indicators are unchanged.