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Foreign trade turnover of Latvia decreased by 10.3%

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Staff writer ▼ | February 11, 2016
In 2015 foreign trade turnover at current prices in Latvia amounted to EUR 22,860.1 million – by EUR 42.9 million or 0.2% less as compared to 2014.
Latvia factory
Trade   According to the Central Statistical Bureau:
This is according to provisional data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB).

Exports value increased by EUR 122.9 million or 1.2%, while imports value decreased by EUR or 165.8 million or 1.3%.

In December 2015 compared to November 2015 foreign trade turnover at current prices in Latvia decreased by 10.3%, exports value of goods dropped by 12.6% and imports value – by 8.3%.

In December the amount of goods exported by Latvia comprised EUR 817 million, while the amount of imported goods constituted EUR 972.5 million. The foreign trade balance became worse as exports in the total amount of foreign trade dropped to 45.7% (in November 2015 – 46.9%).