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Foreign direct investment down 5.8 percent in Mexico

Staff Writer | February 17, 2017
Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Mexico in 2016 was down 5.8 percent to $26.738 billion.
Mexico central bank
Investment in LatAm   The Ministry of Economy:
This is according to the preliminary statistics from the Ministry of Economy.

While these numbers are still preliminary, the Ministry wrote that "the largest part of the reductions mentioned can be explained by loans and/or debt reduction between subsidiaries and their holding groups, common operations between companies."

The statement said that FDI in 2016 came from 3,543 companies with foreign capital, 38.9 percent of which came from the U.S., 10.7 percent from Spain, 7.5 percent from Israel, 6.3 percent from Canada, while 67 other countries also participated.

And 37.8 of the FDI received in 2016 was destined for new investments, the Ministry pointed out.

The great majority of the FDI went to the manufacturing sector (61.3 percent), followed by financial services, transportation, mining, electrical energy, water and gas.

One of the largest operations in 2016 saw Mexican pharmaceutical firm RIMSA bought by Israel's TEVA for 2.3 billion U.S. dollars.