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Eurozone government deficit, debt narrow in 2016

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Staff Writer | April 25, 2017
Euro area government deficit and debt to GDP ratios narrowed further in 2016, data from the Eurostat showed.
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Europe   The government debt to GDP ratio
Eurozone's government deficit to GDP ratio declined to 1.5% from 2.1% in 2015. The corresponding ratio for EU28 dropped to 1.7% from 2.4%.

The government debt to GDP ratio for euro area fell to 89.2% from 90.3% in 2015. The EU28 debt ratio eased to 83.5% from 84.9%.

The Maastricht treaty thresholds for government debt and deficit are 3% and 60% of GDP, respectively.

Among EU member states, Luxembourg, Malta, Sweden, Germany, Greece, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and the Netherlands, Estonia and Lithuania registered a government surplus, while Bulgaria and Latvia reported a government balance. Ireland, Croatia and Denmark logged the lowest deficits.

Meanwhile, deficits of Spain, France, Romania and the UK were above or equal to the Maastricht limit of 3%.

Debt ratios were lowest in Estonia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania and Denmark. Sixteen member states had ratios above 60% with the highest in Greece at 179% of GDP.

Italy, Portugal, Cyprus and Belgium also recorded significantly high debt ratios.

The statistical agency expressed a reservation on the quality of data reported by Luxembourg and maintained those on Belgium and Hungary. Eurostat withdrew the reservations on Cyprus' data.