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Dutch consumer confidence improves slightly in April

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Staff Writer | April 23, 2018
According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the mood among Dutch consumers has improved marginally in April 2018.
Dutch consumer confidence
The Netherlands   According to Statistics Netherlands:
The consumer confidence indicator stands at + 25, up from + 24 in March. Opinions of Dutch consumers on the economic climate are slightly more positive. Willingness to buy also improves marginally.

With a score of + 25 in April, the consumer confidence indicator is significantly above its long-term average over the past two decades (- 3). The indicator reached an all-time high in January 2000 (+ 36) and an all-time low in March 2013 (- 41).

Consumer confidence has fluctuated between + 23 and + 26 for over a year now.

Consumer confidence in the economic climate is somewhat more favourable in April. This component indicator of consumer confidence stands at + 47, up from + 45 in March.

Opinions on the economic climate in the past twelve months have improved, but remain the same for the coming twelve months.

Consumers’ willingness to buy has improved marginally: + 11, up from + 10 in March.

Dutch consumers’ opinions about their personal financial situation have hardly changed in April and are slightly more positive about buying expensive, durable items compared to March.