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Brazil’s federal public debt increased 2.38% in March

Staff writer ▼ | April 26, 2016
Brazil’s Federal Public Debt (FPD) grew 2.38% in March from February, from BRL 2.819 trillion to BRL 2.886 trillion ($789 billion to $807.7 billion).
LatAm   According to the Brazilian National Treasury:
This is according to the Brazilian National Treasury. Treasury indebtedness can come as a result of government bond sales via auctions, online (Treasury Direct) or direct bond issues.

Another factor driving the debt up is the signing of loan agreements. BRL 52.22 billion ($14.61 billion) worth of FPD bond were issued and bond payments reached BRL 2.61 billion ($730 million), with the resulting net bond issuance at BRL 49.61 billion ($13.88 billion).

Last month, the debt went up as a result of a net BRL 45.03 billion ($12.60 billion) worth of bonds issued by the government, as well as appropriation of interest worth BRL 30.25 billion ($8.46 billion).

The FPD is the outstanding federal public debt in non-local currencies. According to the National Treasury, “fluctuations were mostly a consequence of the real gaining on currencies that make up the foreign debt inventory.”