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Brazil's economy hits rock bottom says economy minister

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 15, 2019
Brazilian Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said that the Brazilian economy has hit rock bottom and the government cut down the projections of its gross domestic product (GDP) growth for 2019.
Economy Minister Paulo Guedes
LatAm   Economy Minister Paulo Guedes
"Regardless of the market's wish for things to occur quickly, our reality is that we hit rock bottom," Guedes said in a congressional hearing.

Guedes said the Brazilian economy awaits the Congress' approval of the reforms proposed by the government, saying that is the only way to save the country's economic situation.

With Congress approval, the government will announce more budget cuts until the end of this month in order to fulfill the fiscal target for a primary deficit of 139 billion reals, the minister said.

The minister also said that when the budget plan for this year was approved, the projection of GDP growth for 2019 was 2.5 percent. However, the projection has been reviewed down to 1.5 percent, he said.