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Brazilian May exports $18 billion, trade surplus $4.5 billion

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 4, 2020
Last month, Brazilian exports totaled $17.94 billion and imports, $13.392 billion, which generated a trade surplus of $4.548 billion.
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On the export side, there was a 4.2% decline in the daily export average from $936.02 million in May 2019, to $896.98 million in May 2020. In relation to imports, there was a 1.6% decline in the daily average over the same comparison period, from $680.37 million to $669.58 million.

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The cumulative total for January to May 2020 showed a 4.5% year-on-year decline in exports and a 0.6% dip in imports. In the year so far, exports totaled $85.301 billion and imports $68.952 billion, with a positive balance of $16.349 billion and a trade flow of $154.253 billion.

The cumulative total for the five months compared to year-ago levels also showed the performance of daily export averages by sector as follows: growth of $40.1 million (23.8%) in agriculture; a decrease of $7.79 million (-4.1%) in the mining industry, and a decrease of $70.27 million (-13.7%) in manufacturing.

On the import side, using the same parameters for comparison, there was a decrease of $0.75 million (-4.1%) in agriculture; decrease of $15.17 million (-32.7%) in the mining industry, and growth of $12.08 million (2.0%) in manufacturing.