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Valio net sales 1,787 million euros

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 27, 2020
Valio Group’s net sales were EUR 1,787 million in 2019, representing 3 percent growth from the previous year (EUR 1,734 million).
Valio   Net sales of international operations were EUR 715 million
Domestic net sales increased by half a percent and international net sales by about 7 percent.

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The work that began in 2018 to improve business profitability advanced as planned and was reflected in the improvement in the milk return.

Net sales of international operations were EUR 715 million (669 million).

Net sales growth was moderate in the nearby markets of Sweden, Estonia and Russia, while net sales in China grew by close to 40 percent compared to the previous year.

Valio sees potential in China especially in special ingredients for the food industry, which we call value-added powders.

Profitability improvement in the USA advanced as planned.

Valio’s share of Finland’s total food exports is about 25 percent.

A significant share of our exports is destined for places beyond the nearby countries.

Valio primary exports to countries around the world are milk powders, cheese and butter.

The global market price of butter decreased compared to the high level in 2018, but milk powder prices developed favourably after the depletion of the EU intervention stocks.

The so-called value-added powders have attributes that bring Valio’s industrial customers various benefits: for example, a bakery or confectioner can reduce sugar, or a maker of energy snacks for athletes can add protein to their products.

Sales of value-added ingredients grew by about 30 percent in 2019.