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Lindt & Sprüngli Group sales went up 24.9%

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Staff writer ▼ | July 14, 2015
Lindt & Sprüngli Group reported its semi-annual sales results. Organic sales growth of the Lindt & Sprüngli Group, excluding Russell Stover increased 9.4%.
Lindt & Sprüngli Group
Lindt & Sprüngli Group   A growth in local currencies
There was a growth of the Lindt & Sprüngli Group in local currencies, including Russell Stover +24.9%. Group sales increases in CHF by +17.4% to CHF 1.409 billion including Russell Stover.

There were market share gains in all strategically important markets, integration of Russell Stover, largest acquisition in the company’s history, is on track, and medium to long-term objectives for organic sales growth are confirmed for the full year.

The Lindt & Sprüngli strategy, implemented over a decade ago, is paying off in a challenging environment.

Despite slowing and, in some cases, stagnating chocolate markets and record-high prices for raw materials, as well as an extremely strong Swiss franc, this result again confirms the success of our long-term strategy.

The solid growth of the group comes from the European core markets, North America as well as from emerging markets, and translates into further market share gains. In North America, the company continues to grow double digits and reinforces an already strong leading position with the integration of last year’s acquisition, the chocolate company Russell Stover.

Including Russell Stover’s share in sales, now consolidated for the first six months of 2015, growth in local currencies is up by 24.9%.