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Greggs sales £300.6 million

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 28, 2020
Greggs total sales for H1 to 27 June 2020 were £300.6 million, 44.9 percent down on the same period of 2019.
First half   Pre tax loss £ 65 million
The pre tax loss in the first half was £65 million (2019: £36.7 million profit) and there was a net cash outflow of £118.4 million before the introduction of additional financing.

Exceptional costs associated with supply chain investment programme amounted to £0.7 million (H1 2019: £4.0 million) and are included in the overall result.

The closure of our shops and subsequent actions resulted in a number of one off impacts that are reflected in these results.

Residual stocks of food and drink items that would have been unusable on reopening were donated to good causes wherever possible. The total charge for write offs and provisions for unusable stock was £9.0 million.