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Earnings season: POST forecast, Thursday

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Staff Writer | October 27, 2016
Another group of the biggest companies are set to report their earnings on one of the busiest days of this earnings season.
POST forecast Thursday
Earnings reports   Alphabet, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank, Ford

Having Google as the No.1 search engine in the world, Alphabet is almost subscribed to good financial results. Google Fiber and the cloud technology are also strong, although other cloud players are entering the game, so we expect earnings to be healthy around $18 billion and EPS of $8.7.


Volkswagen, now a synonym for cheating on eco-test, saw some rough times. The picture of the company was distorted but that didn't sink sales: It seems that customers are not so worried about Dieselgate, so our forecast is revenue of 53 billion euros and EPS of 4,39 euros.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has faced the highest legal bills of any bank in Europe and it, understandable, was forced to set aside a lot of money to pay fines and settle lawsuits in the third quarter.

Also, the company has hard time struggling to raise capital levels and at the same time keeping profit healthy. POST forecast for Deutsche Bank: EPS $0.45, revenue $7.8 billion.


Last quarter, Ford surprised - negatively - with its earnings. However, the company saw strong sales growth in Europe and China and that should increased revenues.

On the other hand, there is a $640 million recall-related expense and there is also South America which is a problematic market for Ford for years. POST forecast is EPS $0.25, revenue $32.25 billion.