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Earnings season: POST forecast, Friday

Staff Writer | October 28, 2016
The peak of the earnings season is here, with one of the biggest payments companies and two energy giants set to report their earnings.
Earnings Friday
Earnings reports   MasterCard, Chevron, Exxon

MasterCard has a history of pleasant surprises with earnings reports. Investitors are buying and selling shares, so there is no consensus about its financial future, although the company has a stable market which should offer some security.

MasterCard is also entering new digital payment methods via partnerships and with its own technologies. POST forecast is $0.97 in EPS and $2.75 billion in revenue.


One of the world's largest integrated enegy companies, Chevron is directly impacted by fluctuating oil prices, which, in large part, is outside its sphere of influence. Changes in oil prices, OPEC's decisions, and some weakness in the refining business make the company vulnerable.

POST expects earnings per share to decline to $0.45 and revenue to be $29 billion.

Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is more or less in the same position as Chevron, with all bad sides of the industry and markets. In the second quarter, the company cut its capital expenditure but oil prices still hit the company's earnings

The situation improved in the reporting quarter with prices reaching stability, however there are two factors to take into consideration: gas prices were stable, almost flat; but weak oil prices are a bigger problem for the company.

However, we believe that the overall situation was better in the current than in the previous quarter, so POST forecast is EPS $0.65, while revenues are expected to be $62 billion.