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Earnings season: POST forecast for Fiat Chrysler, Boeing, and General Dynamics

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Staff Writer | April 26, 2017
The earnings season continues with Fiat Chrysler, Boeing, and General Dynamics.
Earnings season   Defense, planes, and auto industry
Fiat Chrysler

In the first quarter, Fiat Chrysler saw higher sales in Europe, improved 14.6% year over year to almost 230,000 units. Additionally, the company’s subsidiary Maserati North America saw sales rise 46% to 3,288 units.

The upside in sales is likely to have a positive impact on the company’s revenues and earnings.

POST forecast is EPS $0.41 and revenue $29.24 billion.


Analysts expect Boeing to see a 15% increase in to $2.5 billion. That has its roots in the first quarter when the stock increaesd by about 17.6%.

News of new orders as a result of increased defense spending and improving cost structure has boosted investor confidence.

POST forecast is EPS $1.91 and revenue $21.61 billion.

General Dynamics

Being one of the only two contractors in the world equipped to build nuclear-powered submarines, General Dynamics derives its profits from a broad portfolio of products and services.

This, in turn, helps the company to keep its overall growth momentum steady. It also invests heavily in R&D activities

POST forecast is EPS $2.32 and revenue $7.60 billion.