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Earnings season 2017: POST forecast for CSX Corp. and Morgan Stanley

Staff Writer | January 17, 2017
The earnings season continues with two giants from different fields: CSX's earnings will reflect the overal state of economy, while Morgan Stanley will confirm - or deny - good days for the banking sector.
CSX Corp
Earnings season   Transportation and finance
CSX Corp.

CSX Corp. shares increased almost 6% year-to-date, without showing any sing of slowing down. CSX diversified its carloads to step back from being too dependable coal shipper.

That, coupled with steady business conditions and almost boring shares movement, is telling us the story about the solid company. POST expects EPS to be $0.50 on revenue $2.79 billion.

Morgan Stanley

Over last three months Morgan Stanley stock increased nearly 37%, there was an increase in net interest income and trading revenues, investors are very optimistic about the performance and the overall situation for banks leads us to be very optimistic.

POST expects EPS to be $0.70 on revenue $8.50 billion.