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Earnings season 2017: Chevron and General Dynamics

Staff Writer | January 27, 2017
The earnings season continues with two of the biggest: oil giant Chevron and defense company General Dynamics.
General Dynamics
Earnings season   Oil prices fluctuations

Due to oil prices fluctuations, Chevron is faced with uncertainities which reflects to investors and analysts: Recommendations are mixed, from "buy" to "hold," and earnings expectations vary wildly.

Some of them expect earnings to even double, while some are more cautious. However, we think that the company had a good quarter and will post results investors will like. POST forecast: $0.61, revenue $32.59 billion

General Dynamics

General Dynamics has a diverse portfolio of products and it is one of just two companies able to build nuclear submarines.

Analysts are mostly for "buy" option and the company has a range of services that keeps the money flowing. Backed with spending in research and development, POST expects EPS to be $2.60 revenue $8.28 billion.