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Daimler to share profit with workers after revenue of €172.7 billion

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 11, 2020
Daimler today reported its preliminary results for the fiscal year 2019 ended December 31, 2019.
Daimler   Revenue was €172.7 billion (2018: €167.4 billion), an increase of 3%
The Group’s total unit sales of 3.34 million passenger cars and commercial vehicles were in the magnitude of the previous year (2018: 3.35 million).

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Revenue was €172.7 billion (2018: €167.4 billion), an increase of 3%.

The Daimler Group posted full-year EBIT of €4.3 billion (2018: €11.1 billion), reflecting material adjustments including expenses from legal proceedings and related measures, restructuring measures and M an A transactions.

Adjusted EBIT, reflecting the underlying business, was €10.3 billion.

Daimler participates its employees in the financial year 2019 with a profit share of up to 597 euros and a one time appreciation bonus of up to 500 euros.

This the Board of Management and the General Works Council agreed on.

The bonus applies roughly to 130,000 eligible tariff scale employees in Germany, who will receive it with their April pay.