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Wood-burning stove in modern apartment

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | September 10, 2016
Classic wood-burning stoves naturally belong to traditional homes but if we take them out of the the context and place them in a modern interior, we can get an unexpected combination of old and new, a warm and welcoming modern home.
Wood-burning stove
Mixing styles   Soften strict lines of your modern home
Wood-burning stoveWood-burning stoves were once very simple: A metal frame with a pipe that goes to a chimney. But there have been many advances in the technology and today you can find very efficient stoves that will surprise you with their heating capacity comparing to their size. Modern stoves bring clean heating, easy manipulating and just the same spectacular view of the fire as their older cousins. They differ in size and you can easily choose one that suits your room and for some models it is just unbelievable how large space they can keep warm all night long.

Wood-burning stoveAn interesting thing about classic wooden stoves is that they can fit any modern room and add an excellent focal point to your living space. They can be easily added to your room if you are doing some renovation, and if you don't there is always a place for them. Contrary to some other interior design elements, wooden stoves may be placed almost anywhere: in the corner, near the wall, and even in the middle of the room if the room is large enough.

Wood-burning stoveHow to find a perfect wooden stove for your room? Well, there are two approaches and they are both good. First, you can opt for a bit more modern stove desing with straight lines. That design mixes the old and the modern style, and you have two in one. Or, you can opt for a totally classic wooden stove - it will still look great! The point is that this one, distinctive element, is creating contrast and contrast is something every good interior needs to look dynamic and interesting.

Wood-burning stoveThanks to designers, today you can find wooden stoves of all kinds, from strictly traditional to extremely modern. When shopping for one, try to stay close to a rustic design and avoid going to extreme because the point is to add something unexpected in your room, not to recreate the feeling of a museum of modern arts. Be it with or without wood holder, pipe-in-the-wall or pipe-up design, rounded or squared, there's no doubt that a classic wooden stove will be the most exciting part of your home.