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Wood flooring, the perfect finish in any home

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Wood floor
Wood floors   Special kind of beauty

There is nothing more natural than wood beneath your feet. Wood is warm and inviting, and it comes in almost infinite number of appearances.

Jamie BeckwithThis excellent handcrafted parquet floor was made of interlocking wood tiles. It is called Enigma Wood Tile Collection and the author is Jamie Beckwith. These handcrafted tiles are a modern twist on traditional ornamentation with more than 16 patterns, woods and stains. So, there's plenty of combinations to choose from and each and every one of them is truly unique. Like time and tides, Jamie's collections move elegantly in union with their environment. So simple, yet sophisticated and timeless.

BolefloorNaturally curved hardwood flooring by Bolefloor is as close to nature as it can be. At the first sight it is made of simple wood boards but every piece is carefully made to the tree's natural curves. And have in mind that nature doesn't create straight line - manufacturers do. Bole, trunk of a tree, is also nature-friendly because it minimizes the amount of trees needed for production. Each floorboard is unique just as any tree in the forest is unique. You can choose among oak, ash, cherry, maple or walnut, so there are enough combinations for any taste.

Precision Floor CraftersCustom-made log end floors by Precision Floor Crafters are simply amazing. The amount of work and knowledge built into them is something you must admire. We are talking here about the winner of the Northwest Forestry Association's Environmental Craftsmanship Award, so you can order this incredible floor without second thoughts. All the skillful masters are following eco rules, they use materials originating within 500 miles of the job site, so with this floor you will show your design style but also eco conscious.

MafiIf you have a beautiful floor your kids should have one too, right? That's where the wonderful Carving Collection by Mafi steps in. This is a fun approach to natural wood floors, made especially for your offspring. This unique flooring has been carved and then oiled in motifs that run the gamut of traditional to super playful, and kid inspired imagery led to the appropriate name, Carving Kids II. Mafi floors stand out due to their longevity and robustness, and are 100% natural, free from harmful substances.

DIYAnd we must not forget all of you, DIY fans out there! OK, maybe you'll need some help but you can try for yourself too: Buy wine boxes/crates and create a floor that nobody else has. Its natural place would be in a wine cellar, library, or... Well, since these floors are unique they can fit a number of spaces nicely. The vintage look is very present but it's up to you to make as dark, light, old or modern floor as you want it to be. You can achieve different effects using different varnishes and create something that will last for generations.

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