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Wood, a welcoming and warm place to live

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Martha Taylor-Brown |
Wooden interiors
Wood in design   Modern wooden interiors

Although wood is in design naturally tied to traditional and rustic design, with obvious steps out to the furniture field, it can fit modern design in an elegant and refreshing way.

Wooden wallTo add warmth to your space, you don't need large wooden surfaces. In fact, one wooden wall will be just fine, especially if you already have a hardwood floor. On top of that a few wooden details will make the picture complete. It may be a chair or coffe table, nothing spectacular in size: as long as it is wooden, it's OK. A good thing is that in a bright, modern interior you can use any wood color you like, from bright shades to keep the mood peaceful, to deeper and dramatic shade for a more dynamic look.

Modern warmthIf you are lucky enough to have a large room that you want to design from the scratch, you can base your design on wooden elements and still achieve a modern look and feel. Since white is the base color for contemporary look, use very bright wood in clear, straight shapes. That way you can cover all walls in wood and you can have wooden beams, and still be in the borders of a modern design. Add to that a designer's chair or a cool fireplace, and that's it. Modern, with a touch of warmth.

Different colorsOne way to lift your room is to use different textures and color shades on wooden elements. Darker wood with visible grain are natural choice for a dividing element, while softer and lighter wood can be used for elements that are not focal points, such as dining tables. The point here is to not overdo it but to keep strong focal points under control because you don't want a colorful mess but a colorful touch. The best solution would be to use pieces made specifically for you but the stores today have so many great things to choose from it's easy to find the perfect piece with a bit of patience.

Japanese designAnother way to go is to go completely wooden and play with shapes. This example of a wooden interior in Japanese style shows what can be done with a lot of imagination. The basic are strong, straight lines that form doors and elements that resemble the shape of the house, while colors are used to emphasize the functionality of every room. Al thought it's all in wood, this home doesn't look rustic at all, it's a perfect example of using basic material from one style to made an interior in totally different design style.

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