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Warm feeling for cold days

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Martha Taylor-Brown | Saturday October 23, 2010 6:01PM ET
FireplacesWith the approach of colder days we must think a bit about some warmth in our homes. Fireplace is great not just because it heats your room but it also creates that intimate atmosphere that you can't get using other heating devices.

Energetec EnergetecEnergetec takes you back to the days when wood meant warmth. You can enjoy all the heat and timeless style in the great Energetec stove with a classically inspired stove design. This industrial wood-burning stove has a style that will enhance any modern space, from your urban apartment to the true man cave, wherever that may be. Get back to your cave & fire roots and enjoy the ambiance of an open flame in your home. The large fire chamber offers a great heating capacity, enough to make the coldest day pleasant and warm.

StuvThe Stuv 30 wood stoves boast a three position turning door that allows for three different modes of operation. With the open-fire mode you can see the flames dancing and hear the crackling of the fire. The glass-door mode give you complete safety with the benefit of full efficiency, still providing one of the most beautiful sights imaginable. The closed-door mode ensures optimal efficiency of the wood burning stove, and thanks to an air-tight door, you can safely leave the stove burning through the night at a slow rate.

Puur VuurThese bio ethanol fireplaces by Puur Vuur Belguim will capture your heart in this cold season. The Bio-oh! fireplace can be installed anywhere in your home because it does not require a chimney. This modern design features wide but narrow burners hidden inside the stone setting. Use small, clean, white stones for a contemporary setting, or play with size and color to achieve different looks that fits your place. With up to 20 hours of burn time and low consumption the Bio-oh! bio ethanol fireplace is an urban essential.

Cocoon FiresThis cool adjustable hanging fireplace by Cocoon Fires has a distinctive shape and ultra-modern aesthetic. Blending quality construction with an innovative edge, these modern fireplaces will enhance any environment. These fireplaces come in an adjustable design, which is great for the indoors because it doesn’t use any floor space. You can raise or lower it to six different height settings and rotate it to enjoy the flame from every angle. You can also equip your fireplace with legs to convert it into a floor model.

MCZ ScenarioThe Scenario is a cool fireplace TV by MCZ that always has something good on. Be it a flickering flame or your favourite show, this fireplace TV will always draw a crowd. Putting fireplace and television side by side, Scenario is a real space saver that also solves the direct competition design dilemma where these two living room fixtures would typically compete for attention in a single space. This cool fireplace TV can also be connected to the Internet for browsing the web on the big screen.

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