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Warm and inviting dining chairs and tables

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | January 31, 2015
Dining space must be, first and above all, warm. No matter the style, it should evoke the aroma of the home-made bread, milk that your grandma served in the morning, and laugh surrounding family breakfasts. We'll show you how to make that happen in the modern kitchens.
Dining space
Interior   Bring warmth to modern kitchen
Chris Hawley ArchitectsThis dining setting by Chris Hawley Architects is flawless. The ceiling and furniture are clearly made in a modern style, but the dining table is chairs converted the space from yet-another-modern-space to a very unusual and good-looking dining place. The chairs are something you'd put in a living room and not it the kitchen, but they fit this design perfectly. Rough wood and texture on chairs are a perfect match and, honestly, we'd be spending more time along this dining table than in the living room.

Chris Hawley ArchitectsThis dining space by Services Rendered Interior Design is a perfect example how to make white and minimalistic space more inviting. To step away from the "modern museum style" walls and ceiling, a warm wooden dining table and chair are added. Those chair are very special, they follow the design of simple chairs of 1970s but the design is elevated to another level, staying close to crazy '70s but more elaborated. Not to thick table and its legs fit perfectly that look of a cozy "come eat me me!" place.

Chris Hawley ArchitectsWe admit that we don't like chairs with metal legs in the kitchen, they are perfect for a restaurant but not for intimate eating space at home. However, Insignia Homes proved that with enough imagination different styles can work together very nicely. The chair are the perfect match for the rounded table, and the combination of two different seatings makes this dining space even more interesting. The space that could have easily been destroyed by very modern furniture is saved and turned to a wonderful place for the whole family.

Melissa WyndhamThis blue design by Melissa Wyndham is so cute and so elaborate that we just can't finish this article without mentioning it. "Not too much, not to little," that could be the motto of this design. Or, "a small house on the beach." Or, "the table of my childhood". This design with the table and chairs that make a perfect match are complementing the overall dining space beautifully. This is an example of well-thought design from the designer that dared to use somewhat unexpected color and the end result is excellent.