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Wall mirrors, an artistic statement in your home

Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | October 26, 2019
Wall mirrors are much more than just a spot where you can check your look. It can be an accent that turns your room into an almost museum, a piece that visually extends your space into something very exciting and unexpected.
Mirrors   Wall mirrors are more than a "How do I look?" spot
Kumi mirrorWith origins in Japanese design, Kumi mirror from Brabbu has an undeniable beauty thanks to its organic shape that tends to break up any symmetrical design, making the space ever more interesting. Kumi mirror pays tribute to its allure through its glossy hammered aged brass. It will be a focal point in any room you put it, so you don't have to have many details around it, it is visually strong enough to keep the whole room together. This is a bold statement for bold rooms, an artistic but functional piece of furniture.

Helano mirrorThe Helano designer round mirror is an interesting mirror that is a bit misleading but in a good sense. It features a luxurious real gold leaf finish and gets its inspiration from the sun and if you think it's made of metal, it is not. Helano mirror is built from solid wood and is available in bespoke sizes of your choice. You can order it bigger or smaller to make it fit your room, and it will still keep its proportions and visually interesting spirit. This makes it one of the most interesting mirrors out there.

Artista Swirl mirrorThe Artista Swirl mirror is another made to order mirror. It is manufactured in the UK and would look incredible in any modern home. The frame and mirror are mounted on moisture resistant wood, and that makes it sturdy enough to enjoy it for years to come. The interesting swirling ornate circular shapes create a stunning piece of wall art and a small central mirror creates a great focal point. You can order Artista Swirl in several finishes, depending on your needs and taste, and, of course, the overal design of your room.

Odalis Wall mirrorThe Odalis Wall Mirror displays classical beauty but with a great sense of modern art. Its rounded frame made up of three entwined circles with a matte black finish gives it plenty of character. Thanks to that, it is a very dynamic piece that will not only be the center of your room but it also can overshadow some smaller designer's mistake you may have in your space. Decorated with silver leaf color finish on its inner and outer frame edges this lovely mirror has a generous bevel to highlight its vibrancy.