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Vintage writing desks for touch of history and focus

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | March 17, 2018
Why would you change your big, modern desk for an antique piece that looks so small? Well, not just because it is a piece of art, there is a reason why they are still in use today: using them, you are focused on your work and nothing else.
Vintage writing desks
Furniture   A small piece with huge style
Write flowery deskSecretary desks or writing desks appeared in the late 1600s, soon to become popular with the aristocracy and writers. Changing in style, during the early 1700s they got a hinged lid that dropped down to be used as a writing surface. As the time went by, they got more and more functions from small drawers to hidden compartments and letter slots. There were versions for gentlemen and for ladies, each with their similar, but distinctive functions. Today, the wood writing desk possesses many of the same features and yu can choose among number of styles.

Modern writing deskThe most outstanding feature of the writing desk is the drop front which folds down on hinges to form the writing surface. The base of a desk is usually a some kind of a cabinet which can be a set of drawers or a cabinet with one or two doors that opens to shelves. Which version should you choose depends on your needs and design preferences. Think about how many supplies you would like on hand and how much you really need your writing desk to hold, and which style - vingage or a bit modern - you'd like to see.

SellingantiquesWhile shopping for a perfect writing desk, you can go for the real deal and England is the place for that. One of the great examples of vintage desks we found at Sellingantiques: Antique cylinder bureau in Victorian style, c.1850. It is raised on a continuous plinth base with a pair of cupboard doors with brass lattice panels over cloth. There is a working lock and key to lower cabinet with dust strip, a single shelf within divides the space in two, and the centre one is hinged with variable adjustment over pen tray.

Ladies deskOne of the fine examples of writing desks for ladies is Emeline. There's no doubt you'll create a tranquil writing place with this charming antique-style writing desk and hutch combination. It has three storage drawers; center drawer has fold-down front for keyboard or laptop storage. Hutch has two storage drawers and five slotted spaces for miscellaneous storage. The design is perfect: handcrafted knotty oak veneers, hardwood solids, laminated lumber, and aged finish. If you want to read/write/study in style, ladies, this is for you.