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Upgrade your bathroom easily without spending a fortune

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Martha Taylor-Brown ▼ | April 27, 2019
So, your bathroom is in need of a little facelift? Contrary to other spaces, the bathroom is quite easy to significantly upgrade without much money needed.
Bahtroom upgrade
Home   Your bathroom can be transformed into a bathroom of your dreams easily
Spa bathroomEvery now and then luxury does not need to be daring and too bold. On the contrary, many times all it really needs is a minimal feel. For this bathroom upgrade, you want to keep your bathroom open and airy with simple hints of marble, greenery and a sleek chandelier. Having these simple items allows the room to have that fresh feel that is almost spa-like. If you are not a fan of greenery in the bathroom, consider having one or two green elements just to add color and texture to the room.

Bold wallpaper bathroomIf you simply want to make a statement without so much work around it, thnik about a wallpaper. A daring wallpaper with a pattern will make a big statement on their own. The different hues in your wallpaper will make the room feel grand and fresh while still having a selective color palette blended into one item. The bolder the wallpaper the better it will flow into the bathroom. The key is working with a wallpaper that makes sense to the room yet adds color and texture.

Wood tubWhile this might be one of the most expensive change you can make, altough not something that you couldn't afford, changing your tub can make a huge difference in the bathroom. Whether you change your tub to a stand-alone shower or a freestanding tub you want the item you select to make a big difference in the bathroom. When it comes to changing the tub, you want to go as bold as possible for a beautiful difference. Think about wood: It can make any bathroom so much more upscale.

Different tilingUse different tiling! Whether you enjoy one type of tiling or multiple types of tiling, for this type of bathroom upgrade you want to add a plethora of different tiles. In order to do just that you should remain in the same color palette. Doing so will ensure you don’t have an overall overwhelming feeling in the room. The use of multiple tiles is great when you want to add color and texture while not interfering with your decor and this is a perfect way to create something unique with a touch of luxury.